Sure we all know its meaning, like. Cook? Yes, but although we all save its meaning, we don’t all know how to do it, right? Or at least not everyone cooks perfectly.

Although cooking precisely is not about putting everything on fire and waiting for it to be cooked, but cooking means many things to achieve what many people call art. The cut the prepared the rolled the sasonado


Or if you want to sour with some citrus embedding so that it flavors the flavors such as chicken with orange or duck with limos, fish or various cuts of meat. Depending also on the place and type of culinary customs that we have we can talk about salads and we would be cooking without having to use fire or heat for it.


With the simple dressing already soo with that we are talking about cooking, for example the meats and types of fish that we leave in the sun or in salt! Are we using fire to cook them? Well, obviously not and yet we are cooking! So that it is understood with the simple fact of changing the taste for the palate of the food that we manipulate for the intake that is called cooking.

I will be leaving meanings forms and concepts of the different ways to prepare these types of delicacies to which we will be preparing little by little, I will also leave necessary information such as the recipes, products and their variants that we will be using with your photographs at the end of each blog.


So cooking is to manipulate a product to change its flavor and it is tasty for the palate whether the vast majority of it is attached to fire or heat and not quickly because it is more hygienic, this cooking process has several difficulties or processes that vary between very simple and quite tricky, but if we like the kitchen nothing is complicated!

In an easy way we can say that cooking refers to indistinct intervention modes.


The transformation that is applied entails transforming our dishes in a way that pleases us both by the mouth and by the eyes and this is done by cutting itching mixing seasoning and even decorating because as I said it also enters through the eyes and as rich as you know the first that we observe the dish is its appearance we continue for the aroma and finally we taste it, then the main thing is that it tastes good then we will decorate it according to the type of dish that is for a better presentation! not so much the salads that are usually seasoned oil cut salt with some pinch, this can be all together or separate that already goes in each chef.


and although the vegetables do not seem very complicated, you have to know how to prepare them, cutting by cutting a bit of vinegar or olive oil, etc. as I said, it will depend on each chef, and salads usually do not go alone, they are almost always accompanied by some meat and poultry or livestock marine cea, to which we could macerate it so that with our salad a unique flavor remained.


I would say so well that the confusion arises from equality and the apparent relationship between the term cooking and the term cooking (the action and effect of cooking), that it does explicitly refer to the process of transformation that is done in a meal when it is submerged in a boiling liquid subjected to the steam of the same (the liquid) does.In synthesis, cooking can be very easy or complicated everything depends on the technique used and thus in this way or the result that is pursued in doing so. At the same time, cooking is as delicious or horrifying as the attitude included in doing so.